Emmanuel Church
Dear Friends of Emmanuel
The Rev Sue Weakley is retiring.
Her last Service at Emmanuel Church is on
October 3rd at 11.00 am
We invite everyone to come along
to share that day with her.

There will be refreshments after the Service,
cake included.

What's On

There are no events, other than the fortnightly services, at Emmanuel at the moment.
New Course Coming September - October 2021
Living in Love and Faith
As you are no doubt aware, for a long while now issues around identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage have been an area where the church has struggled to achieve the unity that Jesus longs for. How can we as the Church of England live in unity when there are such diverse views on what is and what is not acceptable?

Living in Love and Faith is setting out to explore this difficult topic. The best way to help us all understand the views of others, and to work out how we can worship and live in unity, while honouring our differences, is to actually listen to each other. So the core of the initiative is a course that we are hoping a significant proportion of church members will be part of. Some churches have already started it and they report that it is excellent. Challenging and thought provoking while helping people to explore what they believe and why.

Locally we have decided to run the course as a Deanery event so that people from different churches can meet together, which will hopefully result in groups that have a variety of views and lead to productive discussion. The course will be running in September and October with a number of options on days and times and you will be getting information about them in the next week or so. There will be options to attend via zoom or face to face.

It would be great if we could have a good number of people involved, exploring their faith in this way and contributing to the wider church’s development in this area.

It is not about changing people’s beliefs, but helping us all to understand why we have those beliefs and how we can live in unity with each other despite the differences. An exciting opportunity to be part of a significant initiative.

Give it some thought. Talk to me about it if you would like to, and look out for the publicity when it comes.

For more information you are welcome to contact me:
Tel: 01293 773954 Mob:07887 888372