Emmanuel Church
Dear Friends of Emmanuel
The Rev Sue Weakley retired on
October 3rd 2021
She sends her Love & Blessings to you all
The Time of Advent
Services Schedule
Emmanuel at 11am
1st Sunday
Sung Eucharist
2nd Sunday Sung Matins
3rd Sunday Sung Eucharist
4th Sunday Sung Eucharist
St Nicholas’ at 9.30am
1st Sunday Family Service
2nd Sunday Parish Communion
3rd Sunday Sung Matins
4th Sunday Parish Communion
When there is a 5th Sunday in the month there will be a joint service at 10.30am alternating between the churches. The first one of these will be on 31st October at St Nicholas’ at 10.30am.
Christmas Services at Emmanuel
Tuesday 21st December
7.30pm Carol Service at Emmanuel

Friday 24th December
4.00pm Christingle at Emmanuel
11.30pm Midnight Mass at Emmanuel

Sunday 25th December
No Daytime Service at Emmanuel
(If you would like to attend a
Christmas Communion
9.30am at St Nicholas Church)

Sunday 26th December
No Church Services.
By Phone Only
We have now returned to a full complement of hymns and singing the parts of the services we used to. However, in the Communion services, we will still only receive the wafer as people are not ready to share the chalice just yet, and we will still receive standing, rather than kneeling at the altar rail so that there can be no contamination through everyone touching the altar rail and then touching their mouths as they eat the bread. I think it might be wise to continue in this way for the winter as it may help to reduce the spread of coughs and colds as well as keeping COVID at bay. At present I would ask you to continue to wear masks. There will be refreshments after the services for those who want to stay, and for that, mask can (will have to?) be removed.

Thank you..
In the meantime if you have any questions please contact:
The Church Warden Paul Weakley
Tel: 01293 786693
Mob: 07834 368544

Emmanuel Church in Reigate, we are a friendly loving church people serving Reigate and Sidlow.

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